Why You Need To Audit Your Social Media Sites
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One of the reasons “WHY” you should audit your social media sites regularly is because social media is constantly changing and keeping up with all those changes, it is a full time job in itself. You need to keep yourself aware of what is evolving, new trends, current strategies and what tools to use so that you can better adapt them in your business.

Attending seminars, workshops, live stream tutorials, “rub” shoulders with influencers…however, reality is that you need to run your business and often you don’t have the time or the sufficient knowledge of what best to do, what strategies actually work. Therefore, you start your accounts on social media with your best intentions but soon you lose interest and neglect to manage them consistently.

Besides you heard that social sites are free to use so “Why not?” They are indeed free for personal profiles accounts but when it comes to business, it is a completely different story and then you come across obstacles like:

  • It takes too much time to manage;
  • Don’t understand how to nurture relationships with clients;
  • Which platforms to use;
  • What is the best approach to find people;
  • What content is best to use;
  • How to get more engagement;
  • How to use targeted social advertising;
  • Where to get the necessary information to share with your audience.

Before you tackle all those obstacles, you need to know if in fact your current social media presence is solid:

  • Do you have a strong call to action on your cover photo with the benefits of your business?
  • Are you posting content at least once a day? (Post frequency will depend on the type of business!)
  • Are you running regular social advertising and sending your potential customers to your website?
  • Do your social images reflect your business brand?
  • Are you using the necessary keywords to allow others to search for your business quicker?
  • Are you watching what your competitors are doing?
  • Have you claimed your social custom URL?
  • Are you following others regularly?

I could go on and on but I am going to leave you to reflect on these questions and to help you find out your current social media status and enable you to do a quick audit on your social sites, please download “The Social Media Checklists For Your Business”.

Start small…and choose one social site, go through every question on the checklist, and then make some notes on how you can change it to your business advantage.

Here is the download checklist again “The Social Media Checklists For Your Business”.

I also want to invite you for my free Leap Call so that we can get clear on your current situation and what actions you should put in place to help you achieve results with your social media marketing.

If you think this will be useful to you or others, please share and comment below. Let me know what is your feedback from the checklists and if it has helped you.

Sofia Reis
Sofia Reis

"No-Limits" Social Media Strategist with an innovative nature. I coach Small Business owners on how to increase their profit online by reaching their IDEAL customers effectively and avoid costly advertising methods. My aim is to give you simple and clear Social Media Strategies to enable you to grow your Small Business and increase your social media reach by using a 3 step system #PlanDoReview and a #SocialBizRoadMap http://bit.ly/OP-PDR download my free 4 part video training. Follow me on Twitter @SocialMediReach or Instagram @IncreaseYourSocialReach

    7 replies to "Why you should audit your social media sites and keep your business out of trouble"

    • Great tips. Any new blogger like me can benefit from them. Thanks for sharing.

      Im at http://polkadotsandcurry.com/

      • Hi Monika

        I’m glad it is useful to you and to many others. Do the audit yourself for just ONE social site and please let me know if it helped at all and what have you scored (how many have you ticked) 😉

        Speak soon and thanks for coming by

    • Even an old dog like me can pick up new ideas here. You nailed it, Sophia, and I’ll be back for more. The Universe looks kindly on those who give and you are doing so here. Thank you for sharing so much.

      • WOW Stephen

        Your feedback means a lot to me and to what I want to build and the message I want to send. “Sometimes too much is not enough” and I still have so much more. Stay tuned, this girl is not going anywhere.
        Please share it with your community and those you might need it.

        Thanks for visiting my site.
        See you soon

    • Thanks so much Sofia for all that you do for our networking groups. Posts like this and the awesome presentations you provide us with truly are educating all of us!
      Can’t wait to learn more from you!

      • Hi Sabrina

        I can’t wait to provide more information and help your community grow with the values that you are setting. Also want to thank you for building an amazing facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/diymarketplace/ ) to support those that are on a tight budget and want to be in control of their WordPress sites.

        Speak to you soon

    • Great tips! Social media is where it is AT!

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