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- Sofia Pacifico Reis - Your 9 to 5 Exit Strategist & Vision Builder

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  • Sanae Floyd - Business & Sales Coach Sanae Floyd - Business & Sales Coach Sanae Floyd

    Working with Sofia at Increase your Social Reach has been a game changer for my business in so many ways. What I love about working with Sofia is the way she really understands my business and my goals, short term and long term.  She has taught me so much about how to leverage my on-line presence for maximum results and her knowledge and expertise is second to none when it comes to marketing on line!

    She has increased the engagement on my business page by 73.7% since we started working together and my list has grown exponentially as she has helped me promote my opt-ins.  Sofia tracks and analyses data and responds with speed when she sees what is working and what isn't. As a result, I had the confidence to launch my second group program whilst the first one was still running and a 3rd is launching in less than 8 weeks time. I never imagined things could move and grow so fast in my business!

    If I was to sum up working with Sofia, I would say that she does her work from a place of such passion, operating from her zone of genius which frees me up to operate in mine!

  • Angela De Souza - Director Angela De Souza - Director Women's Business Club
    I cannot recommend Sofia enough. She knows her stuff, is incredibly thorough and really listens to what her clients want. Most importantly she gets quality results. Sofia is great to work with, can manage a team effectively if required and is very professional in everything she does. I could not trust anyone else with my social media but have now confidently give Sofia Carte blanche over my accounts.
  • Andrea Vahl Andrea Vahl
    Sofia has been a member of my courses, Facebook Advertising Secrets and Social Media Manager School for years. She is an active member providing wonderful strategy advice and knowledgeable answers to group members. She is extremely talented at social media and Facebook Ads and I would highly recommend working with her if you get the chance!
  • Angela Andrews Angela Andrews
    Social media drives me nuts sometimes - and Sofia helped me with that! I was feeling like I didn’t know what to post, where to post, or when to post. I knew I needed to utilize the power of social media but needed a plan. I booked one of Sofia’s 90-minute strategy sessions and she asked me questions about my goals, my preferences of what social media channels to use, and most importantly she created me a PLAN. I now had specific daily and weekly tasks to do and I could easily implement what she taught me. It was SO MUCH easier with my step-by-step plan from Sofia. Thank you Sofia!
  • Tim Shank Tim Shank
    Sofia knows how to guide your through the most overwhelming and stressful areas of your business journey, and you come out of any of her programs with incredible clarity and confidence. She gives you the tools and builds you up to be able to use them effectively! Even as a member of the "social media" generation, understanding and utilizing it effectively for marketing can be a challenge. But Sofia sees a challenge and takes it as an opportunity to create unique solutions for the people she serves. Her Master Your Media course took me from a Social Networking Novice to a Social Expert quick enough to stay current with the ever-changing landscape! She's a compass through the rough online waters and I am grateful for that. You will no longer be lost when you have her as your guide!
  • Oxana Bristowe Oxana Bristowe
    I had been on Sofia’s Master Your Social Media course in Dec-January 2017. I am very happy with the value I received from the course. Sofia had gathered a great group of new and established coaches and freelancers who are doing business online and want to learn or improve their skills and mindset around social media marketing and strategies. This interaction and sharing on mastermind calls with others and Sofia’s skilful facilitation were informative and inspiring. As a result of being on SMSM I am much more comfortable and knowledgeable about how to use social media and digital online marketing in my business. Sofia is very energetic, dedicated, and inspiring online marketing strategy coach and consultant. She leads by example and she is very supportive and understands that each of her clients is unique and requires a personal approach and support. Thank you Sofia for all your help.
  • Jen Hall Jen Hall
    I have worked with Sofia for about a year now and so this recommendation is well overdue! Sofia helps you build your confidence and visibility on social media as well as helping you with the oh so important strategy! When I worked with her, she got me clear on the goals I wanted to achieve and then gave me a clear strategy to achieve them. We worked together on improving my visibility and reach through facebook and my stats shot through the roof, just incredible! Highly recommend her, she has been nothing other than helpful, supportive and plain amazing xxx
  • Sanae Floyd Sanae Floyd The Alignment Alchemist
    Sofia is an integral part of my business success and her knowledge and expertise in all things Social Media marketing is exceptional. Trust in any business relationship is vital and I always recommend Sofia and her services to all of my clients. In fact, Sofia now is a guest expert in my group programmes and she provides so much value. Not only is Sofia professional and skillful, she is also a joy to work alongside. A fabulous sense of humor and understanding of her client's needs and frustrations makes her with a doubt my 'go to' business buddy!
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  • Pat Nunno Roque Pat Nunno Roque
    Sofia and I met a few years back during our social media managers school certification. I've watched her blossom from corporate buyer to SM strategist and talented Online Business Manager for coaches. Why do I trust her? She's keen to partner needs on both sides of the customer relationship. She gets it. She gets me, She keeps me accountable and focused. Most of all, she always has my back. Together we keep momentum building and growing my evergreen sales...with a lot of laughs along the way.Sofia ROCKS!