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The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Facebook Marketing, Visual Marketing & Google Analytics from Social Media Success Summit 2015 #SMSS15

On the 6th October 2015, the Social Media Success Summit opened their doors with over 36 experts from several areas. This is my 3rd year attending and this year I wanted to give you a little taster and takeaways from each week.

This week’s topics were on Facebook Marketing, Visual Marketing and Google Analytics. I am going to break this post into 3 sessions and give you my “little tasters” of this week. There were so many great tips and tricks shared by Mari Smith, Amy Porterfield and Jon Loomer about Facebook Marketing, that I can’t possibly explain them all here.

#SMSS15 Week ONE DAY 1 “Takeaways” – Facebook Marketing

The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Facebook Marketing

Mari Smith opened the #SMSS15 sessions with a stunning, energetic talk on how to create a Facebook content plan that maximises your news feed exposure.

TAKEAWAY – Tips to increase organic Facebook reach:

  • Post more native video (direct on your business page and not with a link to YouTube)
  • Mix up post types (i.e video, status, link, photos)
  • Test post length – Posts with 150/200 characters get 238.75% shares.
  • Test posting outside business hours – Posts on Sunday get 52.9% more interaction.
  • Mix up frequency of posts – Try posting less often.
  • Include @ tags of other pages
  • End post with a question to entice engagement
  • Re-post popular posts as gentle reminder of what is happening soon like events, special promotions etc.
  • Drive traffic from other sources
  • Embed posts and videos on your blog

I have implemented these techniques this week on a Facebook business page that I manage and these are the results:

Post reach up by 141%

Mari Smith also shared a link full of free resources and tools that I can share with you in the Facebook group #PlanDoReview

Amy Porterfield has given us a Facebook Video Ad Challenge and to be able to accomplish this challenge you need to take into consideration the following:

  • Video not longer than 2 mins;
  • Start with an obvious YES question;
  • Tell them who you are and why that is important to them;
  • Make a promise;
  • Get to the heart of the matter (start sentence with “So that“);
  • Give a clear call to action (Put link to your products/services right at the top of the advert).

After you’ve put together a little script and done your video…here is how you are going to set it up:

  1. Format: Mp4
  2. Aspect Ratio (16:9)
  3. File Size: 1.75 Gb max
  4. Can’t contain more than 20% text
  5. Setup Ad in Power Editor
    1. Campaign Objective – Video Views
    2. Buying Type – Auction
    3. Place Ad in the mobile news feed
    4. Call to action button i.e Learn More
    5. Tick box where it says Create Audiences from people who viewed this video

And finally Jon Loomer ended Tuesday sessions by showing how to drive tons of traffic and build a Facebook page around a Passion. He’s explained the importance of building Facebook pages that are created based on the right audience and an audience that knows you and are passionate about your topic and that will engage regularly.

How do you build a passion page on Facebook?

  • Build fan base targeting interests
  • Create LOTS of helpful content
  • Promote to WCA (Website Custom Audiences), Fans, Interests
  • Drive traffic organically and paid
  • Build your email list
  • Continue and repeat

Now let’s go over to page 2 and look into Visual Marketing with Peg Fitzpatrick, Rebecca Radice and Donna Moritz.


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Sofia Reis
Sofia Reis

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