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Put an end to procrastination with these 2 time management tools…

Every so often I have a little spring clean on all my email accounts and unsubscribe of emails that I once thought it was a good idea to follow just because there was something interesting, maybe a report, a freebie of some sort, a coupon… Has that happened to you before?


The problem is that after a few years of doing this you just lose track of what you’ve subscribed to and why. The thing is if you want to get on with your work and actually achieve something at the end of the day, you need to allocate some time for doing the tasks that really matter and not being overwhelmed by the amount of emails that you are getting a day. And this is why you must look at these Time Management Tools.

I’ve recently been shown a tool by Liz Brazier (Accountability Strategist) that does exactly that… So I went and tried it out on one of my email accounts and unbelievably after it finished processing; it found 94 subscriptions just from one email account. What? Never thought it would be so much…really?

Got to do something about it!! This is just a timer sucker that I don’t need right now!!

Let’s get to work. You can then add subscriptions to a “rollup” or completely unsubscribe if you think you won’t need them anymore.

I started with the ones I was absolutely sure that I wouldn’t need anymore and click that button…UNSUBSCRIBE.

I’ve ended up unsubscribing to 40 emails but now I needed to keep some of them…so let’s do a “rollup” of those that you want to keep.

Another tool you would like to consider is where you can aggregate all of those amazing blogs that you are following and want to share on your social sites as curated content. I’ve allocated some time to go through those as if I am reading my “digital newspaper” every morning.

So, back to… J

After careful selection of those email subscriptions, the ones you want to keep and those that you want to bin, you will receive one email with all those “rollup” subscriptions emails once a day. Also you can choose the time of day when you want to receive them which is great if you just want to check your emails at a specific time…and you should!!

It is important to do what matters first for your business and only check your emails once a day at a specific time. It would probably be a good idea to have an auto reply setup in your email saying: “Your email will be read as soon as possible and I will come back to you within the next 24 hours. For urgent matters please contact me on my phone XXXXXXXX. Thanks I appreciate your patience”.

As an added bonus of the tool, you will be able to create Archives, Categories and Multiple Rollup Views.

What do you think of this? Do you reckon it will help you in some way?

I hope this tool will help you manage your time and stop the annoying emails popping up all the time. If you think this will be useful to you or others that might benefit from this productivity tool, please share and comment below. I would love to know what you think of it. I will be monitoring it myself and reviewing its practicalities.



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Sofia Reis
Sofia Reis

"No-Limits" Social Media Strategist with an innovative nature. I coach Small Business owners on how to increase their profit online by reaching their IDEAL customers effectively and avoid costly advertising methods. My aim is to give you simple and clear Social Media Strategies to enable you to grow your Small Business and increase your social media reach by using a 3 step system #PlanDoReview and a #SocialBizRoadMap download my free 4 part video training. Follow me on Twitter @SocialMediReach or Instagram @IncreaseYourSocialReach

    7 replies to "2 Time Management Tools to end procrastination"

    • Sofia, love you spreading the love! And great suggestion re feedly. Thanks.

      • Sofia Reis

        I have had for a week now and I must be honest it feels strange for a while until you get used to it. But now I’ve started to categorize my emails as they come in, I’ve got more visibility of unwanted emails and If not needed unsubscribe from them straight away!!

        Great tip Liz. Thanks for sharing it with me.

    • Awesome article Sofia and great to see you’re applying what you’re learning from the supercharge your business challenge!

      • Sofia Reis

        Hi Nathalie

        ‪#‎scyb30‬ in 30 days is amazing. This will be my second attendance and every time there is something new to learn.

        “And we are always learning” throughout our journeys, right?

        Thanks for making this challenge a really amazing experience and also the incredible people in our private Facebook group who are always willing to share their experiences and challenges.

        Speak soon

    • This is a great app. It’s a great tool to avoid procrastination and distraction. I’ve started using it along with Timeneye time tracking ( and my productivity boosted as I it basically learns my time entries habits.

      • Sofia Reis

        Hi jamie looks good however I use Asana as a project management tool and it doesn’t look that it can be integrated with Asana but only Basecamp. However I like the benefit of using it mobile. I’ve signed up for it and I’m going to test run it. For how long have you been using Have you tried any other time tracking tools?


    • really helpful tools!

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