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Learn how to be the best Social Media Consultant and have your customers begging for more!

If you want to be the best Social Media Consultant and have your customers come to you begging for more, you must read this article where I talk about my own experiences. I am happy to tell you more about this as I am a member of their School and have joined their affiliate program to help more people start their own full or part-time work doing what they love.

From all the courses, trainings, masterminds that I’ve taken and all the books that I’ve read (believe me that has been quite a lot!!), Social Media Manager School with Andrea Vahl and Phyllis Khare has been pivotal in my life and my business as a Social Media Strategist, Social Media Consultant and Social Media Manager.

After a few weeks of pondering, “is this course just another one for my collection?”, “Am I going to have the time to finish it?”, “Is it going to be relevant to what I want to achieve with my business?”…so many questions in my mind unanswered. However before the start of the training, Andrea Vahl and Phyllis Khare deliver so much value in their webinars, documents, infographics and templates that I saw straightaway that this was going to be the one. Sounds cheesy?? Well, you will see what I mean if you do attend one of their webinars. Their comfortable and down to earth way of delivering, those webinars are so refreshing and they answer all your questions without hesitation and “techie” words. Only one thing though…you DO need to ask those worrying questions that are going through your mind right now.

So, I started the Social Media Manager School Premium training in April 2014 and to be honest with you I had to discipline myself, set aside some hours in the day to actually go through the modules which by the way are packed with so much information that you need to go through them a few times over, take notes and most importantly “practice what they preach”. I set up my social accounts a few weeks after I’ve started #SocialMediaManagerSchool and I can now proudly say that I have a good amount of quality followers that want to share my posts, retweet my blog posts and pin my information and clients are knocking on my door.

What has worked for me was exactly that, as I am going through the modules, I would open one account at the time and work on increasing their reach with my influencers, collaborators and with my target audience. Test what is working and ditch what is not…testing, testing, testing that is my motto.

I learned to LISTEN, ENGAGE, DELIVER good content and SOLVE some other businesses pain points with social media. I am constantly being informed of social trends as I have access to the training modules forever and they are my “social library” and my “go to” place every time I need a refresher.

Besides all the value inside the locked doors of Social Media Manager School, you will get access to an amazing Facebook Private group where there is no spam posts going around, all your colleagues are helping each other, exchanging ideas, brainstorming, meeting offline for coffee and seminars, conferences and unconferences. I have met lots of amazing people, genuine with their ethics and so open about their failures and successes. I have come across a few success stories of how Social Media Manager School has changed their professional lives for good…and a few of them have actually reached the six-figure mark. How cool is that!!!

I have arranged google hangouts with some of my social media manager colleagues and built incredible relationships with others offline…met them for coffee and a piece of cake. Got to have cake!! 😀

You see, the reason why these connections are so important when you are starting your business as a Social Media Manager is that they are crucial when you are stuck on what to post, best practices, brainstorming some key ideas, what to charge for your services and what are the best social media strategies to use. Social is constantly evolving and you need to know what is working and find the appropriate strategies to bridge the gap between “Now” and “Tomorrow” within social.


Social Media Manager School is only available twice a year. The school begins on the 16th of April and after that, you can always leave your name and email address on the waiting list if you are considering taking it later on. There will also be a Summer School coming up. In the meantime, I want to show you what you will be missing if you do not take this training right now:

Besides the FREE Social Media Consultant Starter Kit that Andrea and Phyllis give before the course starts:

  • Access to Basics & Bonuses area:
    • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest basics…cannot really call it “basics” as there is so much information here worth the whole value of the course.
    • Ultimate Social Media Editorial Guide
    • 3 Signature e-books from Andrea Vahl
    • Phyllis Khare Social Media Marketing Checklists
    • Coupons and discounts on major social media tools & resources
    • and so much more…
  • After enrollment, you will get 6 modules drip feed weekly:
    • Finding New Clients
    • Managing Existing Clients
    • Organizing Your Work
    • Money Management
    • Advanced Marketing Tasks
    • Mobile and Beyond

If you decide to go for the premium training…there are so much more information, and extra live calls that you will get and help you be a confident and knowledge Social Media Consultant.

I could go on and on however I hope I said enough to convince you that if you want your Social Media Consultancy business to succeed you need to invest in the right training and take action.

Come on over and I will see you on the inside of our private Facebook group. Let me know if this post has actually helped you decide to take the Social Media Management School Training #SMMSchool15 and if I can help at all to keep you accountable during the course, please send me a private email to and I will put aside some time in my calendar to help you… Let’s make you a confident and trendy Social Media Consultant.

See you inside of #SMMS15 Social Media Manager School and let’s do social properly and connect with a community of experts in this area.



You will also receive my FREE “Social Media Checklists for Your Business”. 

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Sofia Reis
Sofia Reis

"No-Limits" Social Media Strategist with an innovative nature. I coach Small Business owners on how to increase their profit online by reaching their IDEAL customers effectively and avoid costly advertising methods. My aim is to give you simple and clear Social Media Strategies to enable you to grow your Small Business and increase your social media reach by using a 3 step system #PlanDoReview and a #SocialBizRoadMap download my free 4 part video training. Follow me on Twitter @SocialMediReach or Instagram @IncreaseYourSocialReach

    5 replies to "Learn how to be the best Social Media Consultant."

    • I couldn’t agree more. SMMS was one of the best investments ever in my career and it continues to pay dividends, thanks to the lifetime access we have. I refer to the modules and checklists periodically even now!

      • Sofia Reis

        Hi Annie

        Yes, the templates, proposals, checklists, downloads are a massive help. You can’t possibly know everything at the top of your head and refer to what is working is also crucial. Especially when so much is evolving with social and we need to be informed constantly. Also, our group is amazing with other social media consultants just tapping into each other all the time and discussing post ideas, social media strategies, service packages pricing and in general just being friendly and connecting offline.

        Thanks for your feedback.
        Speak soon

    • Fantastic post Sofia!! So glad to have you in our group! You are really taking action on everything you have learned!

      • Sofia Reis

        Nice to have you here on my site Andrea.

        Thank you for having me in your community and for giving me the incentive to put everything into action. Your coaching methods are amazing and full of value. I just want to communicate all those social media best practices that you teach to other businesses so that social is done well and engaging.

        Thanks again for all that you give.

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