Olá,  welcome to Increase Your Social Reach.

My name is Sofia, and I live outside of my comfort zone.


I moved from my home country of Portugal to the United Kingdom in my late 20’s. Leaving my family and the place where I grew up was the scariest decision I made in my life but still the most exciting decision I made too. I was a fish out of water in a completely different world- directionless, uncertain, and frightened.

But I learned to adapt. And survive. And thrive. And now, I’m a wife and mother of two gorgeous children and a creative, forward thinking social media consultant with a diverse experience in the business world.

How I felt at the beginning of that new journey is how you feel now bringing your business into the social media landscape. Overwhelming? I’ve been there. Lost in the vast amount of options? I’ve felt that. No idea where to start? I remember that. Nervous about how you’ll be received? I’ve lived that.

I’ve been where you are, but I would never have overcome it without a plan. In the social world, you need to be clear on what your goals are and keep your vision in mind at all times. Connecting with relevant people, engaging, and sharing content that delivers value are part of every successful social media blueprint. As a business owner, you must understand that it’s not about “selling,” but connecting, communicating and engaging with your ideal clients, giving them exactly what they are looking for.

I jumped into strange waters and found my way through, and now I can navigate you through it, with what I’ve learned. Social Media Strategist. Ask Sofia?

Working with me will give you a consultant who can:

  • Listen to your vision and the mission of your brand, and give you current strategies that will work for you. I’ll give you the confidence to implement a roadmap to social success!

  • Give you the lowdown on the latest trends. Friends, social media changes quickly. Today’s strategy may not work tomorrow and you’ll need to adapt. But with my guidance, you’ll stay current and ahead of the game.

  • Show you the social data and how to analyze it. What is all this “liking,” “retweeting,” and “regramming,” and what does it mean for getting clients and money? I’ll help you analyze the numbers so you can see what’s working and how to keep your momentum going!

I’ll even admit to my bad habits. I’m stubborn, a perfectionist, and I hate getting “stuck” in anything. But my negatives are your positives, because I’ll make sure you get the best social media guidance that I can give you. Because you and your business deserve nothing less.


My vast management experience in industries such as Tourism, Marine, Healthcare, Information Technology and Manufacturing gives me an eye for the needs of the customers and an analytical mind that will assure you that your social strategy is in good hands.

My mission is to help you grow your business with Social Media by initially creating a strategic roadmap and a system that will help you manage your networks more efficiently and effectively and ultimately create a system that works for your business.

Nowadays the need for a business owner to wear “many hats” can overwhelm them. Deciding where to start, what to do with their social media, and which platforms to use is often an arduous process.

The old traditional ways of using social media are well gone…spamming groups with your products or services, NOT using the appropriate platform to its potential, NOT asking your audience the right questions, NOT engaging with your audience in a positive and constructive way, NOT having an adequate targeting strategy to suit your business values and vision.

“Focus on how to be social, not how to do social” – Jay Baer

Social Media is about identifying your ideal audience, understanding their needs, finding out where they are and engaging by answering their questions, being present when you’re needed and building relationships with your current and potential customers.