It's Time To Become Your Own Boss

I remember when I was working in my 9-5, just like you are now.  I was always looking at other people taking the leap, achieving what they wanted and I knew I wanted to do something for myself too.

It wasn’t until resignations at work started to make the environment intolerable and I hated watching my colleagues, who were like family to me, going through the angst of not knowing whether they were safe or not.

My levels of dissatisfaction were rising and I was on the edge of my tolerance levels - I was at snapping point.

And this is when I started studying everything and anything I could on building a business online.  I mastered social media marketing, digital programming, web design and all the nuts and bolts of building a business (on the side) so I could fire my boss!

There were times when I was overwhelmed and exhausted and wondered if I’d ever be out of the end of the tunnel - I was tired and remember feeling crabby with my husband and kids and that hurt me the most.

Through sheer determination and tapping back into my Inner Warrior I built my membership site that brought together all of my unique skills and knowledge that I wanted to share with my clients, and just as I was putting on the finishing touches - my “enough is enough” moment showed up!

As though the Universe was conspiring on my behalf i reached my tipping point after a confrontation with my boss and that was all I needed...

Within minutes of storming out of his office, I wrote my resignation letter and I fired my boss!!

Life was about to get very real!!!

Check out more of my story in this video...

Now I help my clients build their vision with confidence and certainty and shorten the gap between being an employee to being an entrepreneur, without all the overwhelm of trying to figure it out alone.

I want you to know that there is another way and we are going to secretly build your business on the side and have a lot of fun along the way, so that when time comes, you too can “Fire Your Boss” just like I did.


I want you to feel like a Warrior as you’re taking consistent action. I want you to own the Warrior inside of you when you finally make the decision to leap from your 9 to 5.


I know that you are ready to fire your boss and you’re at the tipping point of handing in your resignation letter and this is why I am here to help you.  Let’s work together so that your decision to quit is considered, is timely and you’ve dotted all your i’s and crossed all your t’s. I’ve seen so many coaches quit without the proper foundations in place and they struggle and often wind up back in a J.O.B.

Are you determined to launch successfully like a Warrior?ready to invest in yourself and your business?stand out from the crowd and be an authority in your niche?

Aspiring Coaching entrepreneurs hire me to build their vision, launch their membership programs and stand out from the crowd because they're exhausted of building their side hustle every night, they're overwhelmed with all the tech and don't know which impactful strategies to implement. When you and me work together, you start seeing your vision unfold, you get clarity in your message and you start monetizing your online visibility so that you start attracting your ideal clients and generate the income that you want.

- Sofia Pacifico Reis - Your 9 to 5 Exit Strategist & Vision Builder

I would love to listen to your dream vision and understand how I can help.

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