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To have access to the Analytics insights on Pinterest, you need to verify your website first.

Verified sites will be shown on profile and in search results. It tells people that you own it and once verified you will have access to your Analytics where you can check which pins are most popular, site metrics, most clicked etc. You can also export the data into a spreadsheet (CSV file) for later analysis.



If you have a site built on like I do, follow the following steps:


  1. You have 2 ways you can verify your website by downloading a verification file (This can sometimes be a bit tricky and not always work as well as it should!!) and the 2nd way is by Verify my meta tag instead. This is definitely an easier way.). Let’s do it this way.
  2. Click on Verify with a meta tagblog3
  3. Copy the Meta Tag and add it to your WP site.
  4. blog4Go to your Dashboard >> Appearance >> Editor >>
  5. Find header.php (If you have a child theme you need to switch to the Parent Theme, in my case Genesis)
  6. Paste the whole meta tag just underneath the <head>
  7. And update file.blog5
  8. Return to Pinterest and click Complete Verification button.

If everything else fails, add a plugin to your site and follow the instructions:




Yupeee!!! Your site has been verified. To check this you can do a search in: ( Do not include www)


Once verified your website address will show a tick next to the site URL:


However, if you site is built on look at the help URL here.

TIP: If you need to know if your site is an .org or .com WordPress site read the following:

  • On a site: All is done for you. Premium hosting, security and backups are all included. You just concentrate on the design that is best for your brand.
  • On a site: Hosted website, you customise the css codes and install the necessary plugins.

If you found this helpful or you know of somebody who will need a guiding hand, please share and if you are still having problems comment below and I’ll try my best to help.

Speak soon.



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Sofia Reis
Sofia Reis

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    • Worked like a dream! Thank you for your help.

      • Awesome Sharon. Glad to hear it. Let me know if you want help with anything else.

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