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Location, location…location!!!

These 3 big L’s are so important when you are setting up your business and finding out where your customers are hanging out and where to position your services or products.

Just like when you are buying a house, the location is one of the main and most important factors on your decision of purchasing the perfect home and so is the place where you locate your business, position your brand and the location of your customers. Let’s look at them one by one…

  1. Location of your business

Imagine yourself when buying your home and the questions relating to location. Is it near the countryside? Maybe you’re a city slick and prefer the hustle and bustle of the cosmopolitan life? Is it near a good school because you want your children to get to a good reputable school? Is it near amenities, shops and leisure centres because you want to stay active and walk to those places? Is it a good neighbourhood and you are going to be accepted and respected?

Now, let’s imagine your business!! Do you have a bricks and mortar or maybe just your little “hub”, your website and work from home? Do you locate your florist business in an area that has a lot of pedestrian traffic? Is your guesthouse located in a region of pleasant attractions or maybe it has got the most amazing sunset picture taking scenarios?

Wherever it is, it must be an asset to your business and be able to turn your business objectives and goals into reality. The same will happen if you work from home, your surroundings need to be comfortable, light and have access to the appropriate equipment. Say, you’re a web designer working from home and your computer has been hacked and your site wiped out. What impact would that have for your business? Loss of business revenue, the communication link with your customers would be broken and so on. If you don’t have a contingency plan in place you will be preoccupied with rebuilding your site and getting it all running so that the link with your customers and your community is established.

  1. Location of your services / products {through social media channels – brand positioning}

Shall we talk about the location of your services or products?!! Not all social media platforms will be suitable for your business and there are many!! To help you choose the right place to brand your services and products, first think about the location of your customers. Where are they at? Do they hang out on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter? Maybe you need to look beyond the most popular social media channels and search those that are most relevant to your ideal audience. For example if you’re in the Hospitality industry you’ve got Tripadvisor, Lonelyplanet, Citysearch and of course Google Local. I am not saying don’t be on the so popular social sites such as Facebook, Twitter…Yes you should be but you definitely need to BE where you ARE wanted.

  1. Location of your Customers {how to find your customers}

Once you’ve chosen your Social channels you need to be engaging with other people that are interested in your services and products, building relationships and being consistent in giving value and helping out with their needs.

Your community are your Followers / Fans and your surroundings, the appropriate social media channels that you decide to adopt.  Letting yourself be known and interact with your fans is the crucial pillar to a good business structure.

After all this you might still ask…Where can I find my customers? Where is my ideal audience?

There are two ways of finding your customers: Offline and Online. In this article I am going to show you how to find them Online.

I would suggest you put some time aside and do a proper search on the most prominent social sites or even specific industry forums i.e. Travel Forums, LinkedIn Tourism Groups, Twitter search.

Put yourself in your ideal audience’s “shoes” and think like them. Where would they go if they were trying to find a place to stay for the night In Scotland…Google right? They would “Google it” the following keywords:

“Bed and Breakfast in Glasgow Scotland” “Hotel reviews in Glasgow Scotland”


It is important for local businesses to have a presence with Google Local.

I want you to click on the link below and learn how you too can have your presence on Google+ Local.

Small Business

Now let’s dive into Pinterest search which I think it is relevant for either services or product related businesses. Now…Pinterest is very visual and besides home décor and hairdressing services, travel is a great topic to look at as many travel “lovers” pin their pictures of where they’ve been and enjoyed staying. They also add pictures of places that they would like to visit and go and we both know that “word of mouth” is a powerful persuasion tool. Pinterest boards and pins can be linked to your websites or blogs and Pinterest itself is largely searched on all major search engines such as Google.

I am going to stay with the same topic – I’m imagining…I am a keen traveller than would really like to “Travel in Scotland”, so I get into Pinterest and type in in the search area “Travel Scotland”.  The more specific you are with your search the better. You have to put yourself in your “Ideal Client” shoes and just brainstorm some keyword ideas.

Search Pinterest

As you can see from the picture above they are many of them with insane amount of repins, likes and they will also have comments attached to them with people’s thoughts about the place or maybe even wishing to go there one day.

There are many ways to search for your clients with social media search and advanced searching facilities…and I would be here forever showing you how. I suppose the best way to found out is to actually pop yourself to those social sites or choose the ones that you know your ideal client is hanging out, and do a few searches with different keywords.

Ok so what are you waiting for? Let’s get searching…and tell me what you have found out!!

Are you still having problems searching for your “Ideal Client”?? then just ASK Sofia.

If you found this post helpful please share and if you are still having problems comment below and I’ll try my best to help.

Speak soon.



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Sofia Reis
Sofia Reis

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    2 replies to "3 Places Where Your Business Should BE!!"

    • Sofia – Love the 3 L’s. You are so right, it is all about Location! And it doesn’t mean you should think any differently when you are an online business or brick and mortar. Thanks for the reminder!

      • Sofia Reis

        Hi Liz

        I am so glad you agree. At the end of the day is all about WHO are your customers, WHERE are they and WHAT they really want, right?

        Feel free to share this post if you think it will benefit anyone you know.

        Thanks for visiting my blog Liz and stay tuned for more.

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