Social Media Consulting Packages

Let's BE Social and set your business social media presence in a way that is: Engaging...Fun...Educational and Rewarding to your customers.

Why does your business need to be present on Social Media?

  • Listen To Your Audience's Needs

  • Find New Customers

  • Boost Your Business

  • Get Ahead Of Your Competitors

  • Help Increase Website Traffic & Search Ranking

  • Share Content Faster & Easier

  • Build Meaningful Relationships

  • Increases Brand Awareness

  • Cost Effective But Not Free

  • Creates Loyal Customers And Brand Ambassadors

  • Positions Your Business As An Authority In Your Field

  • Find New Areas For Innovation

“Working with Sofia at Increase your Social Reach has been a game changer for my business in so many ways. What I love about working with Sofia is the way she really understands my business and my goals, short term and long term.  She has taught me so much about how to leverage my on-line presence for maximum results and her knowledge and expertise is second to none when it comes to marketing on line!

She has increased the engagement on my business page by 73.7% since we started working together and my list has grown exponentially as she has helped me promote my opt-ins.  Sofia tracks and analyses data and responds with speed when she sees what is working and what isn't. As a result, I had the confidence to launch my second group program whilst the first one was still running and a 3rd is launching in less than 8 weeks time. I never imagined things could move and grow so fast in my business!

If I was to sum up working with Sofia, I would say that she does her work from a place of such passion, operating from her zone of genius which frees me up to operate in mine!”

Sanae Floyd - Business Coach & Sales Mentor
Sanae Floyd - Business Coach & Sales Mentor Be Bold Coaching

"I cannot recommend Sofia enough. She knows her stuff, is incredibly thorough and really listens to what her clients want. Most importantly she gets quality results. Sofia is great to work with, can manage a team effectively if required and is very professional in everything she does. I could not trust anyone else with my social media but have now confidently give Sofia Carte blanche over my accounts."

Angela De Souza - Director
Angela De Souza - Director Women's Business Club

"I asked Sofia to produce a LinkedIn report for me with the view to increase my connections in the hope to create further business for my company.

The report that Sofia produced was very detailed however extremely easy to work through. The report included numerous sections that I needed to improve on detailing items that I need to add to my profile along with information on how to do this.

Sofia sent me her report in April and during this short time I have increased my connections and have even received a business inquiry I still have some work to do to improve my profile however so far so good!

I highly recommend contacting Sofia if you wish to improve your LinkedIn profile to generate more business and to improve your social media skills."

Sam Ellis - Business Development & Service Sales Manager
Sam Ellis - Business Development & Service Sales Manager Detect Fire & Security Ltd

"Increase Your Social Reach is a fantastic service offered by Sofia. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the work you have done for me - for my business Afford A Print. Especially for the social outreach page I am doing called Free Gospel Tracts. That page is for the distribution of free printed Christian literature across the whole world. It was great to have such a detailed audit on the page and it has opened up my eyes to understand the way in which facebook works. The way in which to maintain people already on my page and bring along new people to that page.Brilliant work Sofia, I highly recommend your services. - Well done!"

Nigel Williams - Print Specialist & Owner Afford A Print Ltd

"Sofia and I have collaborated on a couple of projects through our work at Social Media manager School. I am impressed with her breadth of knowledge, her intelligence, organization and her 'let's get it done now' attitude. Sofia is an outside the box thinker and problem solver. If I had to build a team for any personal business project, I would want Sofia as an active member on my team."

Bridget Geist
Bridget Geist Career Coach | Social Media Consultant & Strategist | LinkedIn Profile Editing & Writing

"I met Sofia through Fabulous Women networking and was very interested in how her business could help. I run the social media for a marine flooring company and had observed that no matter what was posted on Facebook, nothing happened. There was no engagement, or movement. We were stuck at 70 followers for months. I really wanted to do this training with Sofia, so managed to persuade the boss to fund half the fees. The sessions with Sofia really helped open my eyes about FB and I discovered a whole 'back-office' there which most of us never bother to investigate or try to understand. Sofia showed me some incredible things - many of them are to do with what your competitors are doing! The training was structured and really encouraged you to think about WHO your target audience are and most importantly, WHERE they are! I would highly recommend Sofia's training for anyone managing the Social Media pages of any business. Can you afford not to be reaching your target audience?"

Vanessa Junginger
Vanessa Junginger Pink Spaghetti Chichester

“I hired Sofia to show me how to use Facebook ads. I had taken classes and considered myself a smart person until I tried to master all the details and get great results on my ads. I could have gone with a larger company but I wanted the hands on 1 to 1 service that Sofia offers. I'm so glad I did. Sofia was professional and diligent from the get go. She definitely loves the thrill of getting the most for each dollar spent on the ads. She helped me to truly understand Facebook ads and had great insight on target audiences. I'm so glad I hired Sofia for my advertising and highly recommend her to my clients who need the services she offers.”

Angela Andrews
Angela Andrews CEO of Free Spirit LLC

"I'm so freaking excited!! I have been months and months thinking / talking about creating my webinar and then launching a group program that would enable me to serve more clients. I want to give a huge shout out to the amazing Sofia Pacifico (my Ms Magnifico) for helping me create my webinar, promote it and then to create all the automation for driving traffic to my group program!! I'm 85% full now with still plenty of time to be booked solid!!! Thank you Sofia! I am so happy to have found you and grateful for your incredible work that goes on behind the scenes!!! I cannot recommend your services highly enough!!"

Sanae Floyd - Business Coach & Sales Mentor
Sanae Floyd - Business Coach & Sales Mentor Be Bold Coaching

“I hired Sofia to review Facebook, which is the main social media platform for my business crucial to its success in getting my message out to the target audience. Sofia did an exceptional job by completing a thorough report which covered everything I expected and more. She is highly knowledgeable, has attention to detail and provides excellent service. I recommend her and will work with her again.”

Jasbir Arora - Passion & Fulfillment Coach
Jasbir Arora - Passion & Fulfillment Coach Arora Coaching