Social Media Coaching Services

Let's BE Social and set your business social media presence in a way that is: Engaging...Fun...Educational and Rewarding to your customers.


So you can get MORE FANS, FOLLOWERS and SALES without wasting your precious time.

You have created your social media platforms because you know that social can be powerful but...NOW What??

You don't have the time to manage the accounts, you know you need to develop a strategic plan for all your social media brand presence but don't know're not seeing the results you expected!

Depending on how you best like to learn, we have some choices for you:


Social Media Starter Kit - Fast Track Your Entrepreneurial Journey. This is a self-study course that you can learn at your own pace.


These are the areas we will look at in our 90 days Coaching together:
  1. Planning Your S.E.X.Y Social Media Goals & Objectives & organising your yearly calendar
  2. Accessing your current situations & Auditing Your Current Social Media Status
  3. Master Your Media Mindset - Slay Your Visibility "Demons"
  4. Tips To Optimise Your Social Media Channels and Increase Reach, Advanced Searching To Find Your Ideal Client
  5. Develop Your Content Strategy and create meaningful engagement
  6. Content Management Automation & what to delegate. Social Media Time Management & Daily Tasks
  7. Develop ACE Winning Campaigns tailored to your needs
  8. Engagement Strategy and what is working for your industry
  9. How to stand out from the crowd and find your competitive advantage
  10. Use Analytics To Track Progress, Adjust & Report Your Strategy As Needed
  11. Facebook Ads Foundations & Creating Your First Facebook Advertising Campaign
  12. What strategies (Tools & Resources) have worked, what needs improving and what needs to be ditched.


For those that prefer to learn in a group setting and want to develop a strategic road map. I only have a limited number of spaces for the group setting so that I can better focus on each individual needs.

Master Your Media MYM© Social Lounge starts on the 6th February 2017. More details HERE

Early Bird £1267 (expires 31st January 2017) and full price £1997 until we open the programme.


Find Out More...

Social Media Starter Kit
    Learn More

    Social Media Starter Kit is a Self-study course with access to 4 modules that will Fast Track Your Social Media Entrepreneurial Journey.

    Grab Your Social Media Content Planner. This is one of the many other goodies you have inside the Social Media Starter Kit Crash Course.

    1-2-1 Coaching
    £3000(Payment Options)
      Inquire HERE

      90 Days One 2 One Social Media Strategy Coaching Tailored to Your Needs

      Connect - Create - Engage - Launch - Convert - Track.

      Please schedule a call with me to assess if this service is suitable for you.

      How can we help?

      When you have specific requirements that align with your social media goals, you will require a tailor-made custom service. Please let us know in the contact form what are you looking for or if indeed you need more information. If you would like to speak to someone directly or just have a quick chat click here and choose a convenient time for your FREE 45 minute “Leap” call for available slots.

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