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Empowering and equipping aspiring coaching entrepreneurs to shorten the gap between being an employee to being an entrepreneur, without all the overwhelm of trying to figure it out alone.

How to build your “dreamboat” business without your boss finding out you’re planning to abandon ship Webinar with Sofia Pacifico Reis


Stay until the end of this webinar and you will learn how to create an OFFER that is going to captivate your audience and make you grow your following exponentially.

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You’ve got that rising feeling of dissatisfaction that is gnawing away at your soul - you know you’re meant for more. You’re exhausted, burnt-out and overwhelmed as you burn the candle at both ends working late into the night trying to navigate what feels like the stormy seas of the online digital business world.

Fear and uncertainty is your new normal as you know what you want to do but you’re held back  by not knowing what’s on the other side of the 9 to 5.

I’m so glad you found this page because I know the truth about you…

You're a Fearless WarriorDetermined to launch like a WarriorTenaciousan Action Takerready to invest in yourself and your businessprepared to work on how to be visible online

You’re here because you know you are a Warrior and I’m here to help you find your “Inner Warrior” again in order for you to successfully launch your dream business.

Do you remember when you used to love to be pushed fast on the swings?

Perhaps, like me, you’d fearlessly sneak out from your parents house to meet your friends?

What about the time that you bravely moved cities to study or courageously moved countries to pursue a better life?

You were a warrior then and you still are the same ambitious warrior now.  You’ve been through pretty much everything along your journey. That journey is not finished yet, it’s just a chapter of the many other bold moments that are yet to come.

You’re a Warrior and you know that you were put in this world for more than just the mundane routine of your 9 to 5. You know it and you feel it with every fiber of your being...

Just imagine living a life that inspires and empowers others; you have more time to spend with your family and you’re enjoying true freedom - the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want from wherever you want as you run a successful and profitable online coaching business.

You’re fulfilled and happy knowing that you’ve created a sustainable business, a legacy to leave for generations to come.

More About Sofia

Empowering and equipping Entrepreneurial Warriors still in their J.O.B looking out and wondering how they can be recognized, visible and create a successful business on their own. I help independent Coaches, Consultants, Mentors and Authors aka creative Entrepreneurs break free from the shackles of corporate and plan their exit without their boss knowing it and eventually fire their boss. I help them build the foundations to the business they desire to have, build a tribe of raving fans and stop being socially "awkward".

- Sofia Pacifico Reis - Your 9 to 5 Exit Strategist & Vision Builder

I would love to listen and know about your dream business vision and understand how I can help.

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